Bunnaj (officially Bunnaj Media Limited) is a new academic publisher dedicated to aiding the discovery of cutting-edge research that improves and enriches the body of knowledge available to academics and scholars. Bunnaj, based in Lagos, Nigeria, disseminates excellent material across numerous topic areas through partnership with specialists and industry-leading researchers globally, guaranteeing that each publication incorporates the most up-to-date research and challenges affecting developed nations. Bunnaj also provides Author Services and reference book publication to guarantee that research is easily available to the broader academic community.

The following are the main areas covered in our publication:

  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Media and Communications
  • Business and Management
  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Education
  • Environment and Agriculture
  • Government and Law
  • Medicine and Healthcare
  • Science and Engineering


Bunnaj aspires to be a trustworthy and dependable source for publishing and sharing cutting-edge resources that spur academic innovation and inspire constructive societal change, especially in Africa. Bunnaj aspires to contribute to the existing body of scientific knowledge by collaborating closely with researchers and scholars throughout the world, all while adhering to strong ethical procedures and customer-centric ideals.


  • Our vision is to provide aspiring and recognized scholars in developing countries with a sustainable and respectable publication experience.
  • To add to the present corpus of scientific knowledge in a variety of domains.
  • To encourage forward-thinking debate within the academic community by requiring rigorous peer review and ensuring complete transparency throughout the publication process.
  • To make it possible to expand and improve emerging research in underrepresented areas.

Please follow these links to contact us or submit a project proposal.

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